John schultz sold domain ebola, just in $200,00?


Just buy the shortest domain, 5 capital word, you can be a multibillionaire bro.
Just a few weeks ago, businessman Jon Schultz was hoping to capitalize on news headlines around the globe and wanted to sell the domain for around $150,000. He’s managed to rake in even more than that. After for $13,500 in 2008, Schultz’s Blue String Ventures just flipped the domain for $200,000. But my opinion is, he can sold more than this figure if want to more Continue reading

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Buy jeruk mangga asam boi, through online


Very delicious this asam. The item that need to preparedos very easy.

1. Mangga ( young plum)
2. A little bit salt (1 spoon)
3. Asam noi (1packet)
4. Chilies (4 slices)
5. Sugar (5 spoon)

How to make it.

1. Slice the mangga into several pieces
2. Mixed the ingredients like salt, sugar, asam boi and the plum, into the bowl.
3. Store it into the refrigerator in 4-5 hours
4. Ready to eat..

Very easy maaa. 

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Business need a patience, research and analysis

To success in business online, we must a enough knowledge and get some of experience to gain extra new strategy. What the most important is must brave to take the challenge. Continue reading

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